Transcript Module 2.1

Lisa Nguyen: Good morning, Dr. Rivera.

Dr. Rivera: Good morning to you, too, Lisa. Hello, Mrs. Lien. How are you feeling today? Good?

Lisa Nguyen: Her stomach is still hurting, and she is hardly eats much at all.

Dr. Rivera: Lisa, I need for you to ask your grandmother if she's experienced any discharge or bleeding.

Lisa Nguyen: Bleeding? We take good care of grandmother. We didn't let her hurt herself.

Dr. Rivera: Lisa, I know you take good care of her and you wouldn't let anything happen to her. But I really need for you to ask her if she's been bleeding.

Lisa Nguyen: Did you cut yourself?

Nguyen Thi Lien: Not much. Just a little on the finger. Just a little!

Lisa Nguyen: She says it's only a small cut and it didn't bleed much.

Dr. Rivera: Lisa, did you ask your grandmother if she cut herself or if she was bleeding?

Lisa Nguyen: I asked her if she cut herself and it was bleeding.

Dr. Rivera: Well, Lisa, that's not what I mean. I need to know if she was bleeding, not if she cut herself.

Lisa Nguyen: She's not bleeding. You can see there's no blood.

Dr. Rivera: No, Lisa. I -- I don't mean that your grandmother might have cut herself, dear. I need to know if she's bleeding on the -- on the inside. You know, from here.

Lisa Nguyen: Well, if she's bleeding on the inside, how would we know?

Dr. Rivera: Well, the blood would come out of her body.

Lisa Nguyen: From where?

Dr. Rivera: From her private parts.

Lisa Nguyen: I can't ask grandmother about that.

Dr. Rivera: Lisa, please. I need for you to be a really big girl and ask her. It's very important.

Lisa Nguyen: Do you have a problem?

Nguyen Thi Lien: No problem, don't worry.

Lisa Nguyen: She said she's fine and I shouldn't worry about her. I couldn't ask her about the blood. We don't talk about things like that. I just can't.

Dr. Rivera: Lisa, is there someone else that could come in with your grandmother? Another family member, a friend, a grown-up who could translate for her.

Lisa Nguyen: I think our upstairs neighbor could come tomorrow.

Kim Huynh: The problem is that she refuses to eat. Her daughter, Lily, my friend, cooks everything for her but she refuses to eat. She never should have come here. This country too much for her.

Dr. Rivera: I need to know if she's experiencing any vaginal discharge or bleeding. Could -- could you ask her for me?

Kim Huynh: She too old for that, doctor.

Dr. Rivera: I'm aware of her age. Please, I need for you to ask her. It's very important. I suspect Mrs. Lien might be suffering from cervical cancer.

Kim Huynh: Auntie, Grandma, so will you go to the hospital or not?

Nguyen Thi Lien: Even if Iím very sick, I will not go to the hospital.

Kim Huynh: You will not go?

Nguyen Thi Lien:No. I will not go. Even if Iím very sick, I will not go to the hospital!

Kim Huynh: She not too fond of me. She thinks I spend too much time with Lily and don't leave her enough time to take care of her poor mother. And if you ask me, the old crone is perfectly capable of taking care of herself.

Dr. Rivera: Could you ask if she's willing to go to a hospital?

Kim Huynh: Don't bother. She won't. She is convinced that illness is a normal part of life, and that she's earned the sickness she has. She won't go in for special treatment.

Dr. Rivera: Well, could you ask her anyway?

Kim Huynh: Grandma, Will you go to the hospital?

Nguyen Thi Lien: No, I will not go to the hospital. I will not go.

Kim Huynh: I told her she has to go but she refuses. I told her she will die if she doesn't go. But she won't listen to me. She doesn't want any special treatment.

Dr. Rivera: What about for Lisa's sake? Ask her -- ask her if she'll do it for Lisa's sake.

Kim Huynh: Your granddaughter! If you die, who will take care of your granddaughter? Will you go to the hospital or not? You just say no.

Nguyen Thi Lien: No.

Dr. Rivera: I don't understand it. Why would she let herself waste away like this? And with such a beautiful granddaughter who would miss you so much. Why does she refuse treatment?

Kim Huynh: Because she's an old stubborn woman.

Dr. Rivera: Well, this is going well. Now what?